At Bentleigh Calisthenics College we endeavour to provide students who would like to try solos with the opportunity in addition to their team work.   All students are encouraged to participate in skills classes and exams and then have the opportunity to participate in solos either competitively or recreationally. 

2022 Soloists


Effie C
Cassie C
Lyla R
Taliyah P
Bella C
Cathy K
Nathanial P
Jasmine S
Perrine B
Anya M
Maya W
Sienna W
Ginger G
Harper N
Mia L
Micaela C
Larissa P
Bella YJ
Matilda YJ
Emily V
Olivia J
Ruby C
Zoe M
Julia D
Ava V
Lilly G
Mary N
Mia W
Phoebe B
Ava B
Chantelle P
Sophie L
Selena G
Alanna R
Julia C
Maddie V
Mia B
Alice J
Quinn F
Victoria C
Bella P
Rachelle D
Charlotte T
Tabitha D
Michelle S

2022 results