Tinies (Ages 3-7)

Nurturing confidence, wellbeing & excellence

Class Times

Saturday Tinies

Monday Tinies 

Suitable for 3-7 year olds
BORN 2016-2021

Suitable for 3 - 7 year olds
BORN 2016-2021

Commencing Saturday 3rd Feb 2024
Commencing Monday 5th Feb 2024
4:30pm - 5:45pm

About Tinies

3-7 yrs as of 31 December 2024  (born 2017 - 2020)

Classes are held weekly on either Saturday or Monday.  Our Tinies teams compete in four (4) metro Melbourne competitions per year.   Tinies learn four items per year including Freearm, Rods, Aesthetics and Song & Dance.
Tinies wear a leotard (any colour) which can worn with leggings, tights, or shorts.  Remember to bring you water bottle.

Calisthenics creates strong, confident performers, both on and off the stage.

Through excellent coaching and the extensive variety of items, your child will develop skills that enable them to perform confidently on stage, but that also transfer into everyday life. Spatial awareness, listening and communication skills, multi-tasking, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and self-confidence are just a few.

Calisthenics will:
  • build your child’s confidence and skills
  • offer dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skills all in one class
  • provide a fun environment to develop lifelong friendships

Saturday Tinies Coaches

Monday Tinies Coaches