Watkins Award (WAN)

The Watkins Award Night was started in 2011, when Alicia Gutteres started coaching the Seniors team.  The WAN is the Bronlow of Bentleigh Seniors and the team agreed that whoever won the first year then the award would be named after the winner.  Bianca Watkins won in 2011 and now the evening is known as the Watkins Award Night (WAN).  Each week 3, 2 & 1 votes are assigned by the Seniors coaches with the team member receiving the highest number of votes being awarded the winner.   Traditionally the winner (runners up and second runners up) receive a sash presented at the Seniors social night known to everyone as "WAN".  The winner receives a trophy as well as the perpertual trophy for the year.   The Best Team Girl is voted by the team.
2011 Inaugural Watkins Award Night
Winner - Isabella Wilson
Runners Up - Bella Postlethwaite & Willow Ofosu-Amaah
2nd Runners Up - Chaelynne Weir & Alex Medvedeva
Best Team Girl - Willow Ofosu-Amaah
Winner - Georgina Sossi
Runners Up - Jessica Vella
2nd Runners Up - Jessica Griffiths & Sophie Booth
Best Team Girl - Jessica Vella
No awards
Winner - Michelle Simkaheyva
Runners Up - Emily Greenberg & Caitlyn King
2nd Runners Up - Jessica Griffiths
Best Team Girl - Georgina Sossi
Winner - Emily Greenberg
Runners Up - Felicity Harris
2nd Runners Up - Michelle Simkaheyva
Best Team Girl - Tamara Williams
Winner - Melissa Peet
Runners Up - Stacey Kraloglou
2nd Runners Up - Kristen Watkins
Best Team Girl - Melissa Peet
Winner - Bess Ashton & Hayley Gleeson
Runners Up - Melissa Peet
2nd Runners Up - Felicity Harris & Gemma Bessant
Best Team Girl -  Gemma Bessant
Winner - Bess Ashton
Runners Up - Hannah Rigby & Jacinta Jeffrey
2nd Runners Up - Bianca Watkins
Best Team Girl -  Maddie Wright
Winner - Bianca Watkins & Maddison Wright
Runners Up - Stephanie Millar
2nd Runners Up - Melissa Peet
Best Team Girl -
Winner - Hannah Rigby
Runners Up - Maddie Wright
2nd Runners Up -
Best Team Girl -
Winner - Hayley Gleeson
Runners Up - Bianca Watkins
2nd Runners Up - Breeanna Gueterres
Best Team Girl/Congeniality - Jacinta Jeffery
Winner - Bianca Watkins
Runners Up - Breeanna Gueterres & Hannah Rigby
2nd Runners Up - Stephanie Millar & Jacinta Jeffrey
Best Team Girl - Bianca Watkins