We love calisthenics at our wonderful club and it is great to hear how much our families do too! Here is a just a couple of comments our members have given in their feedback...

What do you love about Bentleigh Calisthenics College? 

"My Daughter began Cali at Bentleigh in 2018 after craving more variety than gymnastics offered her. The Coaching staff are so supportive and positive and I can see the confidence and skill she continues to develop year on year - heading into our 4th year now! Even online classes in the 'lockdown' of 2020 were her link to normality and to be honest without that, we would've been lost, so thank you for thinking outside the 4 walls of the hall and bringing Cali to us. What a community and what a Club!" - Lindsay

"Teamwork, close friendships and coaches" - Naomi

"Great team and coach. Positive, fun and supportive vibes" - Emily

"Amazing coaches - so skilled and professional in what they do and foster such a caring, supportive team culture. All girls and families are made to feel welcome,  no matter what their talent levels or cultural/family backgrounds." - Amber

"How much my daughter has learnt - about calisthenics, teamwork, listening, stretching, performing and being organised. The way the teachers encourage all the kids. Also the running of the club - wonderful to be part of an incredibly well run organisation. BCC is a welcoming family orientated club, something other clubs really struggle to achieve." - Jenni

"The coaches give good encouragement to the students, and makes them believe in themselves." - Bing

"Love the teachers and assistants. Great group of kids (and mums)" - Sienna

"Sense of community, friendships, excellent coaches, supportive committee" - Belinda

"Amazing group of girls with full respect for each other. They work as a team and look out for each other.  Just beautiful to watch the amazing friendships growing from this sport" - Anon

"Team members, the laughs we have. All of it." - Kyla

"Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. It made joining BCC so easy. All of the coaches are wonderful and so are the girls!! It is also very professional and super organised." - Dahlia

"Everyone is very friendly and all kids are included and encouraged in a positive manner no matter their level of ability/experience." - Andrea

"Great coaches who are really encouraging and supportive of all of us newbies! They work with our ability & gave us a lot of extra help. All the ladies on the team are kind, funny, genuinely caring & supportive. It's been an incredible experience to be part of such a lovely group of strong women." - Anon

"Everything.  Such a welcoming club with amazing coaches. My daughter is absolutely in love with Calisthenics, and has settled to well into it.  Our little ones are so well looked after and taken care of. Everything is so well organised too & the communication is great also." - Marie

"The vibe within the team and spending time with the amazing team. Having such an aspiring coach that is always there to push me and ensure I am doing everything correctly, whilst growing technique wise" - Kahlie

"The way the girls work together, the fun they have.  Success is always great, but the way the girls, coaches and club members react when things don't go so well is very telling." - Holly

"Positive attitudes from coaches and team no matter what the results were at comps" - Mikaila

"Great coaches.  Great team mates - lovely ladies!  I've had such a fun time getting back into calisthenics - loved the comps and the teamwork.  Has been excellent for my health and fitness." - Stacey

"Nice girls, friendly coaches. The supportive team environment builds the girls confidence" - Mia

"The kindness shown to my daughter, the inclusiveness. My daughter has loved it so much she has wanted to improve her abilities and worked hard at it (with no need for encouragement from me!). Everyone is so patient and helpful to me as a new parent, I haven't felt pressured, I can be as involved as much or as little as I choose. The biggest thing is how happy my daughter is - I have never seen her this happy, motivated, disciplined or as proud of herself as I have since joining BCC." - Kylie

"The friendships made and the confidence to get out on stage!!" - Jolene 

"Coaches, very supportive, accepting, encouraging, caring. My daughter has enjoyed it and her strength in her upper body has increased greatly." - Andrea

"There are the great friendships formed by the girls that are lovely to see grow over time. The girls have worked hard and i think the coaches have developed routines that have stretched them and are a joy to watch. There is a very social atmosphere with many of the parents and i like that." - Alex

"All people involved are so lovely. The coaches are really dedicated and caring. My daughter absolutely loves it. It is great that she has found a sport that she really enjoys and wants to continue with. For me, being a first year cali mum, I was initially a bit hesitant about what would be involved. But it has all be fine, and fun!" - Kate